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Our Work Process .

Product development is a creative and interdisciplinary activity that transforms a market opportunity and technological innovation into successful products. Below is an explanation of our work process for developing your product. The process involves going through a sequence of successive phases before the product could be finalised. This process includes not only the actual writing of code but also the preparation of requirements and objectives, the design of what is to be coded, and confirmation that what is developed has met objectives.

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1. Introduction

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2. Conceptualize

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First of all, we consult you to gain knowledge on your expectation of the desired product. In this phase we will brainstorm ideas together and take note of them. We may also study the nature of your organisation if necessary, this could include; the business environment, work settings, target audience and competitors. The findings will then be used to further determine the specification of your product. In the case of Software, App & Web development, once ideas are generated we would then produce a requirement specification document to define the product you hoped for. On the contrary, for graphical works we will create preliminary designs via hand or Adobe illustrator.

When the requirements specification document and/or preliminary design is ready, you will have to evaluate these particulars to ensure that our understanding of your desired product is aligned with your expectations of it. If you are happy with what had been specified, we could then proceed with development. However, if you are not satisfied with the specified requirements and/or design, we will undergo further consultations before we could amend the particulars accordingly

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3. Development

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We will proceed with development once the requirements and/or design specified is agreed upon. At this phase our team will work on developing designs and/or source codes. In addition, various “testing” stages will be carried out to identify errors and to find out if users are satisfied with the developments made so that necessary revisions could be undertaken. Also, a manual that provides users with instructions on how to use the product will be produced during this phase. On the contrary, a documentation which contains the more technical details about the product will also be made. The purpose of this documentation is to document particulars for the development team (could be SPHIERE or your own IT team) to refer to in the future incase your organisation wishes to amend the system or fix any issues that may arise.

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4. Review

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During various stages of production, we will have you review the developments made at hand and if necessary, revisions will be made at your request. This process is to ensure that the developments made are going towards the desired direction.

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5. Deployment

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For softwares, mobile apps and in some cases websites, our team will help you set-up the product at your station once it had been developed. Subsequently your personnels will be made to handle the product themselves with our assistance whilst we examine the product’s effectiveness and performance. And if needed, we could also provide seminars to train users on how to utilise the product.

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6. Finalization

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Documents/files are handed over to you upon completion of the project, i.e. image files, report, technical documentation, requirement specification and manual. Nevertheless our service does not end here. On-going support will be provided, if needed; which includes, design adjustments, technical support, system analysis and hardware maintenance.

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